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Antoine d'Agata, Position(s)

Antoine d'Agata, Position(s)

35 EUR

124 pages
13,5 x 18 cm
Poster size: 85,4 x 64 cm
22 duotone / 2 colour plates
English, French, Italian
Soft cover
Paper: Munken Lynx 130 and 300 gsm; Arctic White 100 gsm

A journal written at the third person that seeks to depict Antoine d’Agata’s quest – the inexorable course from void to void.A literary and photographic experiment where words, sometimes descriptive, sometimes poetic, intersect with images in a narrative continuity.

An example of the photographer’s existential choice and form of resistance which leads toward the subject’s disappearance and the ego’s negation within the neutral spectrum of the image while insisting on an intimate involvement with its matter and a perfect superposition of art and life.
The pictures have been treated and reduced to the simple black and white contrast, following the main axis of this editorial project: shaplessness and the sense of fading-out. This flattening to a drawing effect releases the image as a shadow, a border between a recognizable sign and a blurry, ambiguous one, so that the photograph is both “trace” and “other”.

The book, whose main language is English, also foresees a separate and folded poster, including texts in French on one side and, for the first time, in Italian on the other printed on a background colour image. The two languages allow to include texts in their original version, but allude as well to the artist’s double origins. In line with the book, the poster also reflects d’Agata’s search direction towards the interlacing of word and image and it finally refers to the idea of a topographic description of passions.

Member of the Magnum agency, Antoine d’Agata (1961) is one of the most influential photographers of his generation. He lives in both Paris and Marseilles and he works around the world. He is represented by the gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris.

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Concept and editing by Giuliana Prucca
Graphic design by Vito Raimondi

Book exhibits and shortlists:
* Artists' books for everything, Studienzentrum für Künstlerpublikationen, Bremen - 2017
* The Library Project, Photo Ireland Festival, Dublin - 2012
* Author Book Award, Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles - 2012

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